3 bros

Three brothers recently made a style statement, bringing back the cravat! Conventionally, for Irish and British weddings, the groom and his party will be wearing suits, smarter than your average (not a tall tale), some might call for black tie, while others will throw on the tails.

It used to be a case of, wear what you’re told to wear, do what you’re told to do, show up and don’t dare get too drunk! Thankfully, this is no longer the norm with men taking much greater pride in their style and not being afraid to mix it up. Not everything has evolved, if the groom gets legless on his wedding night, it’s highly unlikely he’ll be consummating anything that evening (you could argue to an extent, we still live in a suppressed age!)

Weddings vary slightly in Canada and the U.S. from a style and party stand point. The style (not always) has a tendency to be more laid back, and you certainly won’t find the best man with his head in a toilet before midnight (that’s a metaphor I think, wasn’t me!). The occasion of course, is great on both sides of the pond.

From working retail in Canada, I was surprised with the relaxed approach taken by many gentleman towards their attire for the biggest day of their life (or one of them anyway, depending on how many they get through!). One guy came into the store who I helped buy a suit, while shooting the shit I asked him when’s the big day? Tomorrow, he responded, which floored me, I responded as I usually do, with shocked profanity, wishing him all the best for the big day and highly recommending some alterations next door! Anyway, I’m talking shit….many more would go for the chino, shirt and blazer option. They looked smart of course (as anyone did who bought clothes from me, prior to being released for not actually giving a sh*t about mopping the floor – but every customer got a first class experience!)

I’m blabbing again, I recently got sent in a picture from a Sir Edward reader of himself and his two brothers, looking the shit on big bro’s wedding day! It suddenly came back to me, it’s been a life long philosophy of mine, what are rules for? Exactly, they’re for breaking! Why else do you think I didn’t mop the floor??

These brothers went down the unconventional route, and did so in style! So what exactly did they do in putting together this masterpiece? Well it’s not exactly rocket science and if you are reading this, I can only assume you can see the pictures! They mixed modern days style with old school timeless fashion….embracing creativity, colour and details. Oh, and they wore a cravat!

Here’s the breakdown;

  • The Cravat
  • Crisp white shirts
  • Navy blazers
  • A stand out navy waist coat for the groom
  • Maroon chino’s
  • Brown leather shoes with some coloured laces (blue if my eyes aren’t deceiving me)

All ensembles (or similar) are available, or soon to be available in Ed’s storewhich technically is still under construction, but at the same time it’s open for business, so if you’re living in North America…..go nuts!

The beauty of this attire, is that you can really mix and match the items, adding little tweaks here and there, and in doing so create many different looks for many different occasions.

They even rocked out with the bow ties for the stag affair, bringing Dad into the mix! Style, as with everything should be about having fun, and you certainly can’t begrudge them of that…respect!


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Congrats to Sir Aran and his beautiful bride, and thanks to Sir León, Oisín and Peter.

Tipping my hat to all;