Sir EdwardParental-advisory-featureIf you ask me what my goals for Sir Edward are? The short answer is I want to help men improve their style and confidence so they are better prepared for all the sh*t the world can throw at them.

Apparently, if you’re going to do this blogging stuff it’s wise to introduce yourself properly, so without any tips from a PR team, for the entirety of this post I am speaking to you not as Sir Edward, but as Nicky Cullen.


My motivation is 3 fold and encompasses 3  passions. I have others, but I’m too old and broken up to make a career from snowboarding, and quite frankly too sh*t!



As you see it now, the core of the blog is built around style – fashion and grooming. I’m not a major fan of the word ‘fashion’, it’s possible to be fashionable and still look like a t*t so why dwell on it when style is far more important. With regards my personal style, it’s one of the regular compliments I have received throughout life.

You should know, I am so far removed from the Prince Charming type you might associate with somebody who runs a stylemiddle-finger-salute-baby-027 blog for men. If somebody tries to take my picture, habitually my middle finger will gravitate towards the lens. I also struggle to string a sentence together without finding a slot for the word F**k in there somewhere. Something I rarely use with intent but In spite of many family interventions, it’s now so deeply ingrained in my DNA that if a little Nicky (I might actually call him Edward) ever does come along, I would be very surprised if his first word was Mommy, and not in fact, F**k!*

The bad news is that I doubt very much you’re going to see me post regular pictures of myself with one foot on a park bench, while staring into the wilderness contemplating just how good I look, that’s the job of a model and I am not one. However, once 10,000 subscribers is achieved I’ll do it in my underwear in the height of winter, that much is a promise. (although that could seriously backfire resulting in no more sign ups!)

The good news is I have countered this by recruiting some beautiful ladies with different personalities to share the styles they love and some first class advice along the way. Let’s look at this objectively, women dress to impress women (apparently), men dress to impress women (Fact). I’d say even gay men dress to impress women so in spite of the fact that they’re nearly impossible to understand (PR team may have come in handy here), for the most part they are far more clued in than us men so best just give them the podium from time to time and listen up!

“Style in my eyes  is a form of art, an opportunity to be creative and embrace self-expression in a world where quite frankly society has made us all a little stiff.”

It’s now  much more acceptable for men to care about their image and almost expected, often playing a major role in the development of self-confidence which we all know is the greatest life skill one can have, is it not? I have taken guys shopping with what can only be described as an appalling dress sense  and completely revamped their image. It’s so funny because they all try to conceal the big grin on their face as they realise just how easy it was to look that much better.

Whether we like it or not, we live in a world where impressions matter and most people make pre judgements based on appearance. What can it help you with? The career you dream of, the girl you dream of, the life you dream of, the ability to walk down the street with your head held high and go after whatever it is that will ensure you go through life with a big fat smile on your face. Who’s going to argue with that? Which brings me to my second reason…..

Personal development.


The subject of personal development is something I am extremely passionate about and unlike the fact that I have always had a good eye for clothes, an internal ticking time bomb was set to explode. For 20 years I sailed through life without a care in the world….. laid back, popular and a big personality to boot. I won’t elaborate but things very quickly went t*ts up and my entire 20’s were spent suffering from a very severe panic disorder. Irrespective of the fact that I no doubt have encountered many D*cks in my life (who hasn’t?)  – I can honestly say I wouldn’t wish this nightmare on any one of them.


Ridiculous Nicholas

This may come as a surprise for many that know me, the fact that I moaned a lot will not! I sh*t you not, for the first  five years my head hurt so much I was convinced my skull could crack and brains go splat at any given moment, what followed wasn’t much better and came in the form of chest pain, countless heart attacks and the worst type of cancer no Doctor was capable of detecting! My only escape seemed to be through excess, and I’m not talking about meditation and yoga here. I was an absolute disgrace, but I did it in style!

Throughout these years I travelled the world, did a few ski seasons, which by the way are very difficult to top, especially in Europe and St Anton in particular. While travelling I met so many cool people and made some great friends, earning myself some stellar nicknames along the way starting out with Ridiculous Nicholas in Thailand and finally landing on Ridicky (my personal favourite) in Austria 5 years later. In spite of all these amazing experiences, I couldn’t escape the anxiety that was tearing me apart.

Why is this relevant and what has it to do with Sir Edward? Because the condition is rampant and while for the most part I suffered in silence with the exception of an unbelievably supportive family and a few great friends, I’ve decided now to have a voice on the subject. I dug myself out of a horrible situation and in the interim became essentially an expert in a subject nobody ever wants to become an expert in, so I now feel compelled to do my part in breaking down the stigma associated with it. Panic aside, that’s the extreme of it, one thing that condition will do is destroy self-confidence and suck the personality right out of its victim faster than a spanking new Dyson would rid a carpet of a cockroach!

On the flip side, I have taken every tiny step, one at a time to build that confidence back up and have my personality restored to a place where I now have such thick skin that it would take Mike Tyson in his heyday to knock me on my arse to the point where I wouldn’t bounce back with a big fat smile on my face! I have also made almost every mistake imaginable, so it is my belief that at the tender age of 32 I  have a lot of wisdom to impart.



My ultimate goal in life is freedom.  Do I rebel against society?  Absolutely! Society doesn’t care if we’re happy, the education system doesn’t teach us the real skills we need in life or spend hardly any time with us discovering our passions and how we may incorporate them into a career or life we love. For my justification on that you’ll have to sit tight.

How many people out there are truly happy in a job that was essentially chosen for them? Any one of us could die today, but fear or ego prevents so many living their life to its’ full potential. Other opinions should be irrelevant when it comes to chasing the life you dream off. It’s a work in progress but that’s the goal, so if you can relate or are interested in being the best person you can be, then subscribe to the website, like the Facebook page and trust that Sir Edward’s got your back.

Tipping my hat,


*I should point out that if any potential employers are reading this and contemplating an offer, I am very capable of biting my tongue, being a professional and getting the job done.