We can’t all be as cool as this little dude. However, minor changes to your style can create a major impact. I’m not just blowing smoke out of my ass here, for once I have hard, factual concrete data.


I stated from the outset I’m no Mister GQ, just an ordinary dude who swears more than most and happens to love style, not fashion. Style.

Image consultant, personal stylist, call it whatever you want. It’s a part-time job I accidentIy fell into. A title I can’t stand and a job I’ve grown to love. There’s a few reasons for this I want to share, and a few points I make to all my clients as I don’t believe in rules, with the exception of breaking them.

Guys always ask me what my credentials are? My response is fine tuned at this stage, ‘I don’t have any, there’s tonnes of people out there that will blast off a massive list of credentials, do a shit job and leave you looking like you belong on the set of ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ which is cool, if that’s what you’re looking for? So I guess my credentials come from those I’ve worked with in the past who have told me about the impact it has made on their life. 

This shit ain’t rocket science I know. What are we talking about here? Confidence. The single greatest life skill one can acquire, and this is why I love working with these guys. They are committed to putting their best foot forward in life and stepping out of their comfort zone to get the results they crave (even if that means going shopping with a dude). I get to meet some of the nicest guys out there and play a small role improving their quality of life.

I’m strict, it’s rare I get to stamp my authority on something so I lap it up! The two biggest mistakes I encounter are shit shoes and ill-fitting clothes. The fit stems from a craving for comfort, the shoe problem stems from the fact that there are so many horrific looking shoes on the market. Following that, it’s just uninspired and dated clothes that should be donated to charity and in some instances, the dumpster.

The reason I love it so much is because more often than not, when they quickly adjust to the fact that a dude is taking them shopping – they enjoy the experience. That, and the fact that I find it pretty easy so it never feels like work. I had one client, who bought an item in most of the shops we visited. Every item purchased, he dumped the old and left wearing the new. I was actually feeling the heat on this one because after the first store or two – he looked ridiculous as everything was completely out of sync. A great fitting pair of jeans paired with a massive orange t-shirt, some sort of ancient jacket and shoes that we’re falling apart. Finally, we pulled it all together and he walked out of the final store with a new-found confidence that would have rivalled Superman’s. The next day he texted to thank me and told me he got a really attractive girls number that night with the words – ‘Coincidence – I think not!’ 

That’s what it’s all about, confidence. It’s nothing to do with materialism, it’s about feeling good within yourself so you can get the most out of life.

More often than not, the bastards leave looking far more stylish than I ever look.

Here is a few texts I received from a friend I helped buy a new suit recently;

08.52: I’m wearing “The Suit” today. I’ll let you know how it goes. I feel quite confident wearing this suit!!

11:49: I just very politely silenced a room and put some cocky bollox in his place with one sentence. I think the suit is going to my head!!

16:02: I’ve been getting complements all day. Let me know where you advertise your style sessions and I’ll write you a review.

Something  I say to everyone I work with, and this is essentially the ethos for Sir Edward. It’s not about fashion, it’s about style. We live in a society where people have become obsessed with their appearance. Get a wardrobe that works for you, put your clothes on in the morning, then walk out the door not giving a fuck about them for the rest of the day.

For any guys out there looking to improve your quality of life, style maybe an area worth considering. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results you can obtain from just a few tweaks.

You might be wondering why this post has no images? Most of the guys I work with have fuck all interest in being displayed on the internet, so anonymous they shall remain.

Finally, the majority of my clients come from Devon O’Brien Ash. Devon helps guys realize their true potential and entrusts me to contribute with my “expertise”. For this, I’m very grateful so a shout out is most definitely in order. You can check out his site and the work he does here.

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