Or something to that effect! Speaking of feet, it’s advisable to ensure they don’t stink or have any mould whatsoever growing out of them – treat them accordingly gents (pedicures and nail painting optional!).

Another point to note, as if you didn’t know. Socks in the summer are a pain in the ass. Your feet suffocate long enough during the winter, and MAN FEET should be celebrated for once, God Dammit! Embrace the ‘MANKLES’ trend. Apparently man ankles are a powerful aphrodisiac these days, think of what spinach did for Popeye? Summer socks are like f*cking kryptonite. Avoid!

Authenticity is what we strive for, but, if your feet are less than cooperative and no socks are really not an option? Worry not, the No Show Sock’s Rock and are available now in Ed’s Store. Everybody will be clueless as you take to the streets like Popeye!

All the shoes you see below are obviously extremely stylish & cool! They’re also versatile, wear them with shorts, jeans or chinos to make your outfit pop. All you have to do is select your poison in accordance with your very own personal style. Don’t have a personal style? No problem, send us an email with your contact details and we’ll be in touch to help you curate one!

Flip Flops & Sandals

You won’t find rubber this contentious anywhere else, ever. Many say these should only ever be worn to the beach, some would say that’s too much. Sir Edward says if it’s 100 degrees outside, screw it…. Just make sure your feet are primed for judgement!

If you are all in for the rubber, nobody throws party like the Brazilian’s. Meaning? Havaianas tick all the boxes!


The more formal flops!

Looking to portray a little more class and sophistication? These sandals have you covered. We particularly love the Arizona Birkenstock for J.Crew. Beautifully constructed and extremely comfortable, they’ll ensure your feet get the right kind of attention!

Not to sound like a broken record, just don’t wear socks – you’re not Jesus! Jesus.com is gone – damn!


A little inspiration…



A step up from the flops. Both lightweight and stylish, a staple for many during the summer months, and with good reason. Check out Ed’s Store for a variety of different offerings.

Please note that any  Scotch & Soda products incur import duties, which can hurt. This will be addressed in the future but don’t say you weren’t warned!


A little inspiration…

inspire_espadrillaBoat Shoes

A favourite of Sir Edward’s. It’s hard to go wrong with boat shoes, particularly Sperrys. These timeless classics will never go out of style. While the brown Eastland (below right) is not to be sniffed at, it was selected in an effort to diversify. However, this may have just highlighted Sperrys phenomenal reign at the top!

Mission diversification failed!

Their brown Nubuck with a slightly altered style encapsulates true beauty through their unique design. If that all sounded a little weird, fear not as you can find the brown version of their iconic shoe inside.


A little inspiration…


Suede Derbys / Bluchers / Wing Tips

All round class. The navy / blue bluchers from Massimo Dutti are a heavier, more solid shoe that ooze class and sophistication. Alternatively, Ted Bakers derby wing tips are a lighter shoe and a little more hip, with ample detailing throughout. Available in multiple colours for multiple personalities, dress them up or go casual with some shorts. All these contenders will ensure you make a statement with your feet.



A little inspiration…


Loafers /Moccasins /Driving Shoes

Classic and timeless, the penny loafer will never go out of style. The leather offering from Massimo Dutti (top left) along with the suede Tommy Bahamas (bottom right) are the most formal shoes on offer, perfect for the office or some summer suiting.

Not a whole lot left to say, driving shoes and moccasins are class, class, class! Simple, eloquent, effortless style – a perfect summer shoe!



A little inspiration…

inspire_drivingAll the above shoes can be found in Ed’s Store.

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As always, it’s about you, so feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Here’s to a great summer!

Let us know in the comments how you like to dress your feet for the summer!

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