Ed's Store Final Files 2If you read up on The Birth of Sir Edward, it all stemmed from my desire to set up an online store only selling the most stylish products on the market. So guys wouldn’t have to waste their time trawling through pages of crap to find what they’re looking for.

As much as I love it, I hate the time it takes searching through pages upon pages of products, where the variety is so vast, accommodating to every specific style under the sun and often confusing the hell out of customers in the process.

Today, I am delighted to announce Ed’s Store is officially open for business.

First up is the *Canadian store, followed shortly by the US before touching down in the UK & Ireland.

Now, before you rush off and go nuts! It’s probably a good idea to share with you some of the finer details of how Ed’s Store operates.

What exactly is it?

An affiliate store that allows me to sell all my favourite products and brands under one virtual roof. Ed’s Store is run by a third-party (Parsel), allowing me the freedom to sell the products I hope you’ll love.

Having said that, it’s not about me, it’s about you so if you’re not seeing your favorite brands stocked, shoot an email to nicky@siredward.co

All products are shipped from the brand. It will cost you the same as it would buying directly from their site. You even have the option of buying directly from the brand with one click of a button!

In many instances the product will cost less than buying directly from the brand as shipping is free (unless otherwise specified). When testing, I bought some art from society6 saving myself $20 on shipping. This may not always be the case but right now it is, with all fully transparent at the checkout.


My New Art!

Parsel manages all of the sales and offer excellent support. Of course, if you run into any issues or identify areas for improvement I would be very grateful if you can notify me as I am sure Parsel would be also.

How do I select the products?

I haven’t quite got it down to an art form just yet but I place a lot of emphasis on sight and knowing current trends. I trawl the sites of the best brands and when I see something cool that makes me think ‘I want that immediately’, I add it.

Assuming you like the style and range, check in every now and again to save yourself the time and hassle of trawling through pages upon pages in search of what you’re looking. Instead, choose Ed’s Store!

What’s in it for me?

A small commission depending on the brand (approx 5%) after Parsel take their share. Not a life changing amount I think you’ll agree, so from time to time you’ll see me throw the most expensive watch I can find or maybe a helicopter in there, while hoping for the best!

Why should you buy through Ed’s Store?

It’s your money so you should do whatever you want with it! The free shipping is an incentive but on top of that I want to do something for the greater good. If you read my about post, you’ll know panic attacks made a mess of my life for longer than I cared for. I know, cry me a river but I strongly believe mental health (both awareness and research) is massively underfunded and want to do my bit in cleaning up the mess.

It’s no secret I think the societies we live in are a mess. While things are improving, there is still a long way to go. To be blunt, they’ll happily bleed our souls without giving as much as a shit! Simply put, there are far too many young people taking their lives due to societal pressures, this doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be the case.

For my part, I will donate 20% of everything I earn from Ed’s Store to the mental health charities doing the best work in each country Ed’s Store operates in. It certainly won’t change the world but who knows…… baby steps……. and if enough come together there’s no reason it can’t.

That just about covers it, if you have any questions leave them in the comments below or feel free to send me an email. Now, please do go forth and check it out by clicking here.

As always, sharing is greatly appreciated. 

Tipping my hat;