Buying a pair of jeans can be nothing short of a bastard for many, and there’s no such thing as perfection so you can ignore the title! It’s just a form of manipulation to lure you in to read what the f*ck I’ve got to say!


Exhibit A

Having said that, you can mess up big time, it can be as simple as buying a pair of those beauties to the right! I’ve hurt a few people there I’m sure, and I’ve been hurt before so I do apologise for any trauma caused. If you’ve taken offence, I highly recommend you look out for my next Ed Talk which explores just how liberating it is to have two beautiful words at the forefront of your mind when shit gets stressful and life starts pissing you off….the words? ‘F*ck It!’.

However, they’re the last two words you want to utter when buying new jeans…this gentlemen, is about love! 

Darker washes are better for a more sophisticated, classical look. According to some sources,  you’re technically not a ‘Gentleman’ if you don’t own a pair! I’d just like to point out that you’re forever a gentleman in Sir Edwards eyes regardless.  Having said that, a darker wash looks slick so don’t go dismissing it on that account. Don’t be afraid to go for lighter washes also and experiment with colour, you can buy jeans in almost every colour of the rainbow these days, so have some fun!

Little details are great, but, many brands out there have lost their mind completely (see exhibit A). But hey, if you want your jeans with paint splattered all over them, diamond encrusted pockets, and stitching so prominent Google will spot you from space, that’s your prerogative.

Raw and selvage denim are receiving more coverage than ever these days, with selvage considered to be the holy grail amongst the most enthusiastic of them. Investing in raw denim is the male equivalent of pregnancy! It’s a journey gentlemen, a long one at that and requires lots of discipline and hard work. Fortunately, drinking alcohol is not frowned upon. Selvage & raw are often combined but you can get raw that’s not selvage and selvage that’s not raw, that’s a discussion for another day. If you want to invest in a 9 month journey, go for it. Call it impatience, I just prefer them treated already so the work is done for me. 

The most important fundamental is fit, and once you get the fit right you need to ensure they’re comfortable. If the fits right, chances are so to will the comfort! 

How do you know if a pair of jeans really fit you and accentuates all that needs to be accentuated?

From my experience working with clients, and being blessed with the gift of sight, most wear jeans that are far too big for them. One of the biggest complaints females have when it comes to our style is wearing clothes that don’t fit.

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Be warned, if your style icon is Justin Bieber, you might just struggle to come to terms with a few of the guidelines below, but at least if you have a little accident, your stained white Calvin Klein’s wont be on display!

A little inspiration goes a long way;

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  • If you wear really loose, oversized jeans, be prepared to feel a little bit of discomfort starting out. This will pass – consider it a right of passage. In terms of what the human body is actually capable of, this is pretty minor and in time you will experience greater comfort in a proper fitting pair of jeans.
  • When trying on new jeans and you can comfortably place your fingers down the front with space to spare, they are too big.
  • The fabric will stretch considerably so keep that in mind. You never want that extra bulge of excess material at the front; it will never be interpreted for a bigger package. Equally you do not want them sagging around your butt.
  • You should allow enough space for the width of your fingers and no more around the waist.
  • In terms of length, they should sit just below the ankle on the front. This is the ideal length, a current trend is to roll them up a little, so you can cheat a bit here. As with most pants, if they need to be hemmed, this is the ideal point which will provide you with the classiest of cuts preventing a wave of excess fabric folding over at the bottom.
  • Under no circumstances should you allow the hemline to drag along the ground and become frayed.
  • Make sure they drape nicely over that beautiful butt of yours.

In terms of cut, there are many types of fit for different body types with many variations. Slim is probably the most common with it a slightly more tapered cut. Relaxed, straight, straight-slim and skinny are just a few of the many different variations of cut you’ll come up against. It all comes down to your body type and what works best for you in terms of both comfort and style.

As with everything, there’s a spectrum and room for crossover. Don’t force yourself into a skinny pair of jeans if you’re not a skinny guy just because your favourite celebrity is wearing them, the world doesn’t want to see the outline of your nuts! Get out there and experiment till you find the perfect fit for your body shape and ones that provide comfort at the same time.

J.Crew Jeans

The Spectrum…. Compliments of J.Crew

When asking Sir Edward readers what their favourite brands were, the general consensus seemed to be Nudie Jeans, they certainly get my pick. There’s many other great brands out there such as J.Crew, Scotch & Soda, HE by Mango, Levi’s, Diesel and Topman to name a few, with several Japanese brands making a splash. 

Be sure to check out Ed’s Store for some great picks! (Technically the shop is still under construction, however it is fully functional with free shipping so if you see something you like and you are living in North America, by all means go nuts!)

Have you a go to brand? Would you dare stray? Let us know in the comments below!

Tipping my hat;