birthBack in 2012 I landed what I thought might be a dream job (it most definitely was not!) with an eCommerce start-up working on the menswear side of things.

Alarm bells were certainly ringing; first of all I don’t usually experience this kind of luck.  Secondly, I had no experience as a buyer and thirdly, as I became fixated on my research trying to learn everything I possibly could about eCommerce and the success stories of all the big players in the industry, it became very apparent to me that nobody had even the slightest notion of what they were talking about but the expectations were that we would be bigger than Gilt Groupe and this would basically happen over night with the click of a finger!

It was ruthless environment to say the least – similar to what one might expect in a North Korean prison camp, ok maybe not that bad but to give you an example the lead investor was trying to organise uniform suits for all – I sh*t you not….. he wanted everybody to wear the same blue suit and tie and god forbid you went to the bathroom without permission!  People were getting fired all around me, I hadn’t struck it lucky at all!  I’d have to sort something else out quick so I could quit, save face and walk out of there with my head held high before I was sent packing also, oh well!!

Maybe I found a silver lining?  My research set my imagination off and I knew I had to at least attempt to build my own empire!

I started giving some serious consideration to what I would call the site.  I wanted something that stuck, that people would remember and that could help create a brand with a story behind it, and one that customers could associate with menswear……..a true modern gentleman. (I should point out that at the time of writing I have no clue whatsoever that this will resonate with the target audience /))

I decided that developing a character was the best option.  I wanted him to be the ultimate Gentleman (one that portrays confidence, success and style).  Whoever he is, he’s going to need a title and who wouldn’t want the title of Sir?   Edward immediately followed.  A tribute to my late grandfather and also me, if I’m being completely honest, Edward is my middle name!

My excitement evaporated when I went to buy the name. was FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!!!  A little ambitious considering my recent employment status!   I then stumbled across an article telling me .CO is the new .COm.  I also found one that said .CO was for Columbia which quite possibly makes sense, no prizes for guessing which article I sided with!  WWW.SirEdward.CO was available and Sir Edward was born!

He was then very rapidly converted to a blog with a slightly different concept cause A) What do I know and B)  If I did, what guys out there would actually gives a sh*t! Way better talking to the girls out there and finding out exactly what it is they look for when it comes to a man and his style.  That is essentially what this blog is about…..

Hope you enjoy.