Sir Edward is a style blog for modern gentlemen. At its core, it’s all about style, there’s also Ed Talks, providing inspiration to gentlemen (and ladies) out there looking to get the most from life. Not to forget the ladies, why wouldn’t we value their opinion? Seeing as they know far more about this stuff than us, plus, it  makes it more fun! So you will find plenty of female opinion and insight here also.

Gone are the days where you can get away without caring about your appearance, the ladies of the world won’t stand for it and nor should they.  Good style is essential when it comes to nailing a job interview, landing that promotion or getting the girl of your dreams.

 What is it that we preach?  With style comes confidence and with confidence comes success…… and we all want success right? But, what does success mean to you?

Here at Sir Edward, it’s all about you. We want to help you achieve an envious style, greater confidence, and as a bi-product – happiness! (Why not!?) We also want to make it a fun experience, life is way too serious as it is.

It’s not just the Queen of England in the business of knighting people, stick with Sir Edward and you will be well on your way to becoming a true modern GENT and achieving  the esteemed status of  KNIGHTHOOD.

You don’t need to go anywhere else…….Sir Edward has you covered.

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