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Bespoke Post called and asked if I would like to join their affiliate program! They clearly believe I hold the key to unlock the masses. It’s a beautiful thing when a legitimate brand I would actually write about or endorse reaches out.


The Box!

I didn’t know too much about Bespoke Post so I checked it out, liked what I saw and said ‘lets do it!’. I of course threw in a caveat as I could never endorse something I haven’t experienced, it’s an integrity thing. After all, there’s thousands out there clinging to my every word!!

Bespoke very kindly agreed, stuck my name on one of their prestigious boxes, and shipped it in my direction. My box arrived in a very timely manner, and to be fair, it was a beautiful box (presentation speaks volumes).


The Bag!


What was the theme of my box ? SWEAT. Inside I found a Lined Canvas Duffel Bag from Blue Claw Co. A high quality duffel bag ideal for the gym, or in my case hot yoga as I really love to SWEAT. On top of that I received a 16” x 26” Microfiber Towel from Lulu Lemon. Lulu are one of the most prestigious athletic brands in North America currently striving for world domination.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with the calibre of brands Bespoke associate themselves with, these products don’t come cheap so you can make significant savings purchasing through Bespoke.

A little about Bespoke Post..

Simply put, it’s a little box of awesome. Each month, they assemble a themed selection of goods to create, you guessed it….a little box of awesome!


My little box of awesome!

It’s all fun, membership is free and as a member the box would set you back $45 (as a non-member, it would cost you $55 where you still make a saving of about $20). On the 1st of the month you receive an email with the different boxes, simply skip or ship. Easy, and something to get excited about on a monthly basis!

Some of their current boxes…

bespoke products

The products epitomise style. With less focus on apparel, you really get a monthly upgrade for your home as well as yourself, resulting in an all round more distinguished and stylish you!


Bespoke Post is a quintessential modern brand packing a big punch! There’s more to them than their boxes, with a variety of stylish products on offer as a one time purchase which includes apparel, although there is far more emphasis on accessories and other stylish products that one might easily look over.

A cool concept with awesome products, check it out for yourself by clicking here.

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Tipping my hat;